Monty’s Deli pop up at Old Bengal Bar in February

Monty's Deli - Malty Street Market

This February, Maltby Street Market’s favourite local, Monty’s Deli, will be moving for a month-long residency at Old Bengal Bar, serving an exclusive selection of homemade pastrami, salt beef and new brunch-style dishes.

Owner Mark Ogus set up Monty’s Deli market stall on Maltby Street in 2012, and now runs one of the only places in Britain to make its own salt beef and pastrami. From baking bagels to making the mustard, Mark guards his secret, family-inspired recipes closely, and will be setting up shop every Saturday and Sunday at Old Bengal Bar from Saturday 7th February to Sunday 8th March.

Diners will be able to enjoy Monty’s Deli’s authentic Jewish delicacies, such as the inimitable Mensch fatty salt beef sandwich with homemade mustard and a new dish of Monty’s French toast: a compilation of home-baked challah bread topped with a pinch of cinnamon, maple syrup and two candied slices of fatty pastrami. A selection of sides including Sauerkraut and Egg & onion, will be available, as well as desserts like Chocolate Babka and Lokshen pudding.

Monty’s Deli scrumptious dishes will be featured on Old Bengal Bar’s menu every weekend from 7 February to 8 March, from 11am until 4pm. A selection of cocktail and wine pairings will be available to compliment the authentic taste of the dishes.