Old Bengal Magic!


We have a rather magical treat up our sleeve for you at Old Bengal Bar this June! Prepare to be amazed…

Introducing….Jonathan Bitel, a London-based magician, who has been performing for over a decade to audiences of 2 to 2000. In recent years he has been hired for prestigious corporations like Wimbledon’s All England Tennis Club, and has consulted for acts on the television programme Britain’s Got Talent.

Jonathan specialises in creating effects of the mind – planting thoughts, controlling decisions, reading body language and subconscious cue (similar to that of Derren Brown). But can still amaze with spectacle with card effects you’d expect to see from the likes of David Blaine and Dynamo.

Join us in the bar on the following dates to see Jonathan perform:

Wednesday 25th July , from 18: 30 -21:30

For more information please contact danielaf@danddlondon.com or call  020 3503 0780