Taste of the Month: April


Pink Delight:

 – On the rocks in a rocks glass and garnished with raspberry and rosemary


50 ml Martin Miller’s gin

5 ml creme de framboise

20 ml lemon juice

15 ml agave syrup

2 pieces of raspberry

2 pieces of rosemary

1 pieces of strawberry

 Rhubarb Spritz:

 – Shaken, served on cubed ice in a wine glass and garnished with a rhubarb stick and custard sugar.


50 ml Martin Miller’s gin

20 ml Martini rosato

20 ml rhubarb syrup

15 ml lemon juice

3 dashes rhubarb bitters

 Martin Fizz:

 – Straight up in a champagne flute and garnished with a lemon twist


60 ml dom Benedictine

20 ml kime juice

10 ml sugar syrup

2 pieces of cardamon seed

1 egg white

1 dash angostura bitters

 Martin’s Apple:

 – Straight up in a cupette glass and garnished with kumquart and mint


50 ml Martin Miller’s gin

25 ml apple juice

10 ml elderflower cordial

2 pieces of kumquart

2 pieces of mint leaves